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Commodity Management Supplier

The C.M.S. is a contract for high value added specialized services through which TM Precision offers to the customer’s production plant its valuable know-how in process optimization, supply management and control; all in order to reduce customer supply costs on the terms agreed in the signature of the contract.

Two key pillars

  • TM Precision’s valuable know-how in the processes and applications that are going to be addressed
  • Close collaboration with the staff of the plant, creating a close relationship that works as a team to achieve common objectives

Service Management

  • Procurement and supplies to the plant
  • Purchase Management
  • Relations with second suppliers
  • Logistics and stock management
  • Administration, Quality and Engineering
  • Advice, technical support and continuous improvement

Technical support

  •  C.M.S provides specialized technical support, based on its knowledge of the field of application
  •  The CMS is involved in the process of continuous improvement and in the procedures for identifying faults (design, implementation, monitoring, control and corrective / preventive actions).
  • Coordination and design of specific technical training.

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