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Founded in 2018, TM Precision distributes abrasive wheels to multiple industrial sectors, with an emphasis on the automotive and steel mills.

Our company’s team is specialized in processes that require a very strict parameterization in order to achieve the approval of the client. This implementation is tailored for each process.

To achieve this, TM precision brings together the best product on the market, an excellent centralized engineering team and a first-class sales force implanted in the territory, serving the customer where they are.


To promote a win to win relationship between supplier and client, so that their projects are executed in the most efficient way. This means detecting needs, proceeding with the approval of the solution and supplying it in the most agile way; in time and in price.


Mastery of all available abrasive technology, paying constant attention to market developments, for immediate study and analysis.
Take advantage of new technologies to achieve excellent communication, management and delivery.


TM Precision’s main premise is to achieve maximum transparency and proximity between supplier and customer, as if everyone worked in the same technical office and was supplied from the customer’s own warehouse. In fact, in many cases the stock is in the customer’s warehouse.


An enthusiastic team, expert, highly trained and attentive. Sustained in a centralized services engineering and administration and in a sales force that works in situ, together with the client, in its technical office.

The American multinational 3M, the world market leader in precision abrasive wheels, has entrusted its implementation in Europe to the engineers and sales force of TM Precision. Both companies share the same vision of the market and supply management.


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