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Win to win relationship between supplier and client

TMPrecision promotes win to win relationship between supplier and client, so that their projects are executed tailored to each industry or application in the most efficient way. This means detecting needs, proceeding with the approval of the solution and supplying it in the most agile way; in time and in price.


3M™ Cubitron™ II*

3M™ Cubitron™ II* removal rates (more than double of conventional grinding wheels used today), low risk of thermal damage, considerably reduction of wheel dressing increasing, as result, the wheel life, about four times longer. An unbeatable 3M™ Cubitron™ II* report card.

Grinding process definition as machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges is not yet valid. Thanks to the 3M™ Cubitron™ II* revolution, we can already talk about geometrically defined cutting edges grinding.

*3M and Cubitron II are trademarks of 3M Company.


The processes are a must

Optimizing the finish and reducing the cost per piece forms an unmistakable binomial if you want to remain in the market. To achieve this, the processes are a must.

TM Precision will study with you the processes to overcome the increasing demand on quantity and variety of pieces, the hardness of materials, the complexity of profiles and the requirement in tolerances and finishes.

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A grinding solution for each application

To achieve high precision throughout the process it’s imperative to use the right grinding wheel for each application. The selection of abrasive material and wheel configuration depends on the base alloy, size of the production run and shape, among other factors.

TM Precision engineers master all available abrasive technology, paying constant attention to market developments. All this knowledge will help you meet the growing demand for tighter dimensional tolerances and shorter production schedules, whatever the grinding material.


Global service. Centralized engineering and local attention.

TM Precision has a excellence centralized engineering and a first-class sales force implemented in the territory, serving the client insitu .

Currently, it offers its services in Spain, France and Portugal. The objective is to extend its action organically to many other European countries, without haste but without pauses.

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